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Based on our experience with past and current clients, as well as prospect projects where we have been invited to join big teams, we can confidently offer the following services:

Structural Design

Structural design with emphasis on seismic and wind design for mid-rise and high-rise buildings. We have vast experience with both Canadian and American codes for new and existing buildings

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Special Studies

Special analyses for when your client or a specific regulation asks you to meet basic service and safety requirements. We can provide advice, experienced solutions and definition of processes.

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Testing of buildings’ dynamic behaviour using analytical and on-site methods. We’ve worked with research-oriented institutions like UBC and and have monitored structures in Chile and the US.

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Performance-based Design

Performance-based seismic design of tall buildings in North- America and dealing with peer-reviewers. We have successfully completed more than a dozen projects in Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle.

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Software development of applications and systems to improve the workflow and production of engineers. Currently, elements like parallel analyses and data processing are needed to meet the industry standards.

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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment methodologies and tools for the general public using the most current technology. We have delivered innovative technological solutions for the assessment of risk to damage or collapse of houses in earthquake prone regions.

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