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Select Topics and Courses by PBRV

Lunch & Learn

Here is a short list of topics we have been presenting in the Vancouver, BC:

  • Performance-based Design of Tall Buildings – a US approach
  • Performance-based Design of Tall Buildings – our view for a BC approach
  • The new changes in the NBCC 2015 – how this could affect the seismic design
  • Design of Core Concrete Walls – a refresh and our approach for tall buildings
  • Design of Diaphragms – an approach for Performance Based Design
  • Design of Diaphragms – fundamentals and tips for engineers
  • Post-processing information – a current need for large projects


Here is a list of formal courses that we have prepared and lectured for educational institutions or professional associations:

  • Basics of Structural Design
  • Design of Steel Structures (Basic concepts)
  • Dynamics of Structures
  • Performance-based design of Tall Concrete Buildings
  • Introduction to Earthquake Engineering and Seismicity
  • Matrix Analysis of Structures

Specialized topics

Structural engineers and firms have asked PBRV to provide some personalized training on specific topics to improve their production or understanding of complex topics, such as:

  • Nonlinear dynamic analysis
  • Use of computer programs for the design of buildings
  • Use of computer programs for the nonlinear dynamic analysis of structures
  • Preparation of Excel macros for structural design
  • Automatic reporting

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